<aside> 🚨 Since this document was started, the (not so) persistent identifiers have been changed to be lowercase for all resources. E.g., using lbd:Amygdala won't work anymore; lbd:amygdala will. Likewise lbdo:Brain_Region has been changed to lbd:region. If any of the below queries don't function well, that is likely the problem.


<aside> ℹī¸ The latest queries can be found in the source code, as part of the SparqlService class.



Brain Association Graph (Linked Brain Data)

Virtuoso SPARQL Query Editor

DatAR Endpoint

Virtuoso SPARQL Query Editor

We have edit access over this endpoint (see available data in the appropriate section). Use this link to make edit operations (using credentials that can be provided by @Anonymous)

Current graphs at DatAR endpoint

Direction of skos:closeMatch




You need to add these above any query you perform on the Brain Association Graph. On the DatAR endpoint, these are built-in.

PREFIX lbd: <>
PREFIX lbdo: <> # deprecated
PREFIX lbdp: <>
PREFIX lbdg: <>
PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX datar: <https://datar.local/ontology/>